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The Badger's Den

"We're Badgers, We Hold On"

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The Hufflepuff

Fanfiction Community


This is a site for Harry Potter fans of Hufflepuff house and its denizens to post fanfiction and fanart of all ratings, genres, and pairings (including slash). All fics, ficlets, and fanart featuring our favorite Badgers are welcome here. Off topic posts will be removed. All fic should be beta read prior to posting, or at least edited extremely well.

huff100 is a community dedicated to drabbles about our Badgers! Because of this, fics posted in huff_fics should contain more than 100 words. 500 or more words is preferred, but anything over 100 words will be gladly accepted! If you have drabbles, please visit our sister comm! ♥!

When Posting a Fic, please follow the format below.

Author Name:
Other Warnings, Info:

Please place all fic and art behind a cut, or a link to the fic on your live journal or website.

An Archive of All Live Journal Fics can be found here:

Authors in alphabetical order A-M

Authors in alphabetical order N-Z

Links to Hufflepuff fanfiction at sites other than live journal may be found here:

Links to Recommended Fics

Now, move out you Badgers and enjoy!

All Icons and Headers are from HufflepuffPride.com. The World of Harry Potter is property of J.K. Rowling and her publishers. No copyright infringement is intended, and no money is being made by any of the authors or maintainers of this site. The quote, "We're Badgers, We Hold On," is from the Dark Spell series of books by Katherine Kerr.